What We Do

GCBA is a non-profit membership organization. Members save thousands of dollars each year thanks to NAHB’s & CAHB’s advocacy efforts and other member benefits. While home building is a challenging industry, member resources, expertise and educational opportunities can help you build a better product, build a better business, and create a more positive business environment.

GCBA offers education at our meetings in an effort to keep members informed on a variety of topics such as building trends, products and business development. Throughout the year the local building officials discuss the changes in their departments and codes. There is an unlimited amount of education opportunities through CAHB & NAHB

Our focus has been on industry challenges like price increases, product limitations, and code upgrades along with the East Troublesome fire recovery efforts and lessons learned. We are community focused with youth programs to get kids interested in the construction trades and offer scholarships to students who want to continue their education in construction. We also support the local High School Construction Trade Program.

Networking & Marketing:
Opportunities to network with other business professionals are available at meetings and events. Sponsorship opportunities are available to all members. As well as opportunities to advertise on GCBA website and Facebook pages to cross promote our organization and members.

Government Affairs:
GCBA has become a voice for the building industry in Grand County. GCBA monitors local and national government for onerous legislation or regulatory actions such as unreasonable growth limitations, building requirements & environment restrictions.

Who We Are

The Grand County Builders Association is a nonprofit organization consisting of Builders & Associate Members who do business in Grand and Routt County. The Grand County Builders Association is an advocate for the building industry. We are a collective voice to be heard in the political arena, a voice in the environmental arena, and most importantly, a voice in our community.


Builder members are directly involved in building or remodeling homes, apartments, schools, industrial, commercial, or other structures related to a community, or in land development. They include small-volume builders, production builders, light commercial builders, land developers, and remodelers. A builder joins NAHB through Grand County Builders Association.

Associate members are members who provide products or services to the home building industry. They include trade contractors and professional service firms such as insurance or mortgage companies. An associate joins NAHB through Grand County Builders Association.

Three in One Membership: